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Sublimation Papers

Sublimation Papers

Sublimation printing is a printing technology that is based on the physical process of ink sublimation, or rather, the direct transition from the solid state to the gaseous state
This printing process requires a paper that is appropriately treated superficially, called Sublimation Papers, and dedicated and specific inks. 
Sublimation printing is used exclusively on 100 % polyester fabrics.
Fabrics must be white in order to avoid to alter the desired color result. This system is used mainly in field of sportswear due to its resistant features. 
Sublimation paper is printed via inkjet plotters and is subsequently placed on the fabric. All is then hot pressed, at a temperature that can vary between 170°C and 200°C, by presses, or calendar machines, for a certain period of time at a specific pressure.
During this operation the ink sublimates and is transferred from the sublimation paper to the fabric and permanently blends with synthetic fiber; thus becoming resistant to UV raysrubbing and washing
Sublimation printing can also be used for printing on rigid materials such as various types of metalsceramics and other material that has been previously treated. 

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Sublimation Paper Fast 70

Sublimation Paper Fast Dry 85

EcoCoated Matrix 60

SubliColor SuperDry 70

Sublimation Paper Tack 100

SubliColor Premium 65

SubliColor SuperDry 50

Sublimation Paper Tack 85

Sublimation Paper 140

EcoCoated Matrix LW 55

Sublimation Paper Top Speed 65

Sublimation Paper 105

Sublimation Paper Top Speed 45

Sublimation Paper 95

Sublimation Paper Jet 60

Sublimation Paper 70