In the graphic arts we guarantee Hot Melt products (ACCURA series) for the production of hard or soft cover books, magazines, catalogs, pocket and directories, also with reactive polyurethane Hot Melt “low emission”. With the water-based series we cover all other applications, including casing-in and “two-shot” system.


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Diamelt AG

Animal gelatine adhesives for the production of covers, office pads and for gauze and capping.

Diamelt LWB

Water-based synthetic dispersions with different viscosity and dry residue for all bonding applications, from sinking to book production with vinyl double shot system, low release dielectric solvents and phthalates.

Diamelt PSA

Rubber-based self-adhesive products for lateral gluing of books and magazines.

Accura HMPUR

Reactive hygroscopic polyurethane-based high-pressure, both normal and low-emission.

Accura EVO

New generation products characterized by high specific adhesion, low oxidation and low environmental impact.


Product indicated for milled and stitched brochure for the production of books, catalogs, magazines and highly rounded cardboard books; high bonding on difficult inks or paints. It has a high resistance to the solvents present in the inks.