The History

The main stages in history

From the origins of Diatec till today

in the ‘70s – early ‘80s

starting of the first Italian coating production company, with related trading companies.

in the ‘80s – early ‘90s

the industrial growth in Italy, with the establishing and acquisition of other Italian production companies and related trading companies.

in the second half of the ‘90s

the vertical growth in Italy, with the acquisition of two Italian paper mills

early 2000 years

the growth in Europe, with the acquisitions in France, Switzerland and Germany of coating production companies, with related paper mill in Switzerland and trading companies.


the growth in USA, with the acquisition of coating production company.


commercial and production enhancement in the European and International market, with the acquisition of a production company in Switzerland. Adhesives manufacturing and trading start-up for worldwide market: Diamelt Srl.


production and trading enhancement in the East Europe garment industry market, with the establishment of the new company Makdia Doo in Skopje (Macedonia) .


company reorganization.


merge of Diatec Cles and Diatex into Diatecx and development of an important investment plan in Italy and in Europe.


merge of Diamelt in Diatecx and extension of hotmelt adhesives production plants.